I'm beyond excited to see where the Logseq Readwise plugin goes. I love it so much as is, and it's only just starting. I think Logseq and other tools which include block references are a perfect match for Readwise. It's so nice to be able to link to or embed individual highlights without those highlights having to be on their own pages out of context.

I am also not someone who thinks we need to do something with every bit of information we interact with; I get exhausted just thinking about the people who write huge book summary reading notes for every single thing they read. But having Readwise highlights in Logseq allows me to add notes, tags, and links to highlights as needed. Plus, Logseq's "Unlinked References" section and the Random Note plugin can create moments of serendipitous discovery.

And that's how note-taking and personal information management should be: serendipitous and fun.

Shameless plug time

To whoever reads this: I would love to hear about your workflows, especially if you use Zotero.

If you're curious about using Zotero in a workflow which includes the Readwise integration, I offer coaching, mentoring, and consultation for Zotero in personal information management. Don't hesitate to reach out to me: https://linktr.ee/jlcolbert

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