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The IndieWeb wiki is the main hub for information.

The IndieWeb is a community of individual personal websites, connected by simple standards, based on the principles of owning your domain, using it as your primary identity, to publish on your own site (optionally syndicate elsewhere), and own your data. more Β»

IndieWeb standards include:

  • [[Webmention]] to notify other websites
  • [[WebSub]] to get real time updates on other sites' new content
  • [[Micropub]] to publish to your site with an ease
  • [[IndieAuth]] to authenticate with your website
  • [[Microsub]] (experimental) to follow others, collect posts, read, and interact with them

IndieWeb is composed of a number of [[microformats]].


URL : https://indieweb.org

A social network made out of the World Wide Web. Not locked in to big monolithic platforms (Facebook, Twitter).

At the heart of the IndieWeb is an attempt to unify the ideas behind personal websites, blogs and social networks, but in a manner consistent with how the world wide web operates.

– Your Website Is Your Castle - Desmond Rivet

My website at https://doubleloop.net is an IndieWeb site.

Your website acts much like your wall on Facebook or your timeline on Twitter - it's your personal soapbox, your castle on the web.

– Your Website Is Your Castle - Desmond Rivet

[…]one recreates, in a decentralized manner, the kinds of online interactions one has come to expect from private social networks.

– Your Website Is Your Castle - Desmond Rivet

Misc notes


The fedi apps are essentially social readers

  • readers with built in interaction
  • the problem is that they only implement the mastodon api
  • not AP removed from that
  • i can't use my AP enabled site and plug into an existing fed reader
    • fed readers should implement AP, not mastodon APIs

Offline/local/sneakernet IndieWeb


β€œSolidarity grows through increasing liberty, not through constraint or obligation,” writes Ross. β€œPersonal autonomy and social solidarity do not oppose each other, but instead reinforce each other.” In an age in which online spaces feel more divisive and polarized than ever, perhaps it is time to ponder how we can create conditions of personal autonomy that give rise to greater social solidarity.

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