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Market anarchism

market anarchism is advocacy of replacing the state with civil society while pointing to free market economics to explain the workability and/or desirability of such.

Center for a Stateless Society » What is market anarchism?

Never quite sure what to make of it.

Some market anarchists label their views as “[[anarcho-capitalism]],” while others prefer to identify with “anti-capitalism” or “libertarian socialism.” Still others reject both the labels “capitalism” and “socialism” as too hopelessly distorted in the public consciousness to be used meaningfully in reference to what they advocate.

Center for a Stateless Society » Are market anarchists for or against capital…

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  • [[2022-06-02 11:51:22]] [[@doubleloop:matrix.org]] (link):
    • I also associate [[anarcho-capitalism]] with alt-right bros, but haven't really done own research to justify that opinion, just taking it on trust. Interested to discuss more if only to learn definitively if/why it sucks. More interested in your point on [[markets]] though, I agree they are an interesting method of distributed economic decision making, an alternative (or companion?) to central planning. I'd more like to explore [[market socialism]] and [[market anarchism]] than ancap stuff.
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