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I always assumed that, when people dedicated books, they all first wrote the book and then wrote the dedication. It would mean dedicating the book as a finished object, a concrete thing, something that one has finished and can fully offer.

I've come to realize I'm not that kind of person, and I need to dedicate a draft. Whatever it is you're currently reading: a booklet, a place, a website; not even half done.

Writing this now means dedicating a set of ideas only; an aspiration. It is only appropriate, then, to dedicate ideas to ideas and not to individual people.

To my friends.

Welcome to Flancia! It is both a place and a draft. Please excuse my many mistakes. Feel free to play hopscotch.

0 -- [Meta](/meta)

1 -- Manifesto

2 -- In Flancia we share clear goals

3 -- In Flancia there is an Agora

4 -- In Flancia there is no poverty

5 -- In Flancia there is no privilege

6 -- In Flancia we will one day meet

M -- [(The mine)](/mine)

K -- (Projects)


In my flancia, there is no hunger or houselessness. What is in your flancia?

In flancia, there is also an [[agora]]

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