📚 node [[metcalfes law does not apply to commoning]]

Metcalfe's law does not apply to commoning

[[Flancian]] asked:

[[commoning]] probably scales with [[Metcalfe's law]], as it's a social activity?

I replied:

  • Re: Metcalfe's law - hmm interesting. I feel like commoning tends to prefer [[federation]]. So keeping groups small in a sense, but then connecting these smaller groups. Commoning maybe works best scaling out rather than scaling up.
  • E.g. [[Rely on Heterarchy]] and [[Rely on Distributed Structures]] patterns
  • I almost feel like the larger an individual commons gets, the more it tends towards tragedy. Or at least the governance system has to get much more robust.
  • Might be wrong there though.

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Type : [[notion]]

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Gut feeling : 5

Not too sure about this. Just a hunch. But feels worth exploring. It generally fits with my values of small things federating.

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