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  • I've sometimes thought I could be an OK monk. Whether Buddhist or in more of a [[the name of the rose]] scenario, I'm unsure.
  • I'd like to meditate more, follow the [[middle way]] more, be awakened more often.
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    • during this month I'd like to try to behave a bit more like a monk: meditate more often, be more mindful, try to help others more, be conscious of how I invest my time towards a [[greater goal]].
    • I still have a partner and a high standard of living, so I'm unlike a monk in many ways. I'm more of a "house holder" in Buddhist terms. but I'm not sure the distinction is super relevant in this day and age -- perhaps less so over long periods of practice.
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monks in space

  • the ending of [[a canticle for leibowitz]], although bleak, is inspiring. I wonder which other stories of monks in space could exist -- and which ones are in Flancia.
    • I keep thinking of a spaceship (colony ship? space station?) assembled out of [[standard containers]] which communities can choose to organize however they want -- the first ones started by monks but open to the wider community.
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