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I've been playing magic the gathering on and off for about ten years. my relationship with the game has changed -- starting as something that resembles a board game, my understanding of the game adapted and i became a collector, then a competitor, then a collector again.

With recent administrative decisions leading to both mass bans and unhealthy card liquidation, I'll no longer be partaking in the game's ecosystem. It's unhealthy to dedicate time to something so inherently capitalist anyways.



XMage (Informally) Cockatrice

https://github.com/stassa/Gleemin/blob/master/README the mtg project i was thinking about https://github.com/pitr/icfp2011 fun lambda the gathering language

https://github.com/brokenthumbs/_boostertutor/blob/master/scryfall.py https://www.reddit.com/r/madeinhaskell/comments/hzuk08/magic_the_gathering_in_your_terminal/ play mtg in your terminal written in haskell! seems like a fun project to help out with.

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