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NFTs 101 - Why NFTs are a generational innovation




  • Ultimately, the strength of the brand of the meme, or shared mythology, in a sense, behind the Mona Lisa is what lends it its value, and justifiably so. How powerful is it to have a singular art piece that occupies rarefied air in the mindspace of just about everyone in the world, for whatever reason that it does?
  • Regardless, the core concept and power remains the same across all memes โ€” memes are a self-replicating unit of cultural transmission, analogous to the self replicating unit of biological transmission, the gene. This is an incredibly powerful concept when fully grasped at its core โ€” the power of a meme derives directly from its degree of transmission and saturation and permeation in the cultural mindspace of the world.
  • Memes are, like it or not, accept it or not, just about the most powerful things in the world.
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