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opt in

  • The [[agora]] tries to be [[opt in]] for the good of the [[users]], be them [[anonymous]] or [[logged in]].
    • An [[agora]] might choose to default logged in users to [[opt out]] behaviour; [[an agora]]'s users can vote to change defaults.
    • As of [[2022-05-21]] this is the state of opt in for [[agora bot]]:
      • [[hashtags]]
        • are [[opt out]] in [[mastodon]] and [[matrix]]
        • are [[opt in]] in [[twitter]]
          • meaning they are disabled by request of a user, and I'll now try to do work on making them available via an opt in mechanism.

          • DONE improve this and reenable

          • DONE make #optin work for this

            • I think it works :)
            • now the question is: should this be [[opt out]] to begin with now we have an opt-in/out mechanism?
            • this might make sense as you need to opt in in the first place by following [[agora bot]], so then opting out whenever the bot does something you don't like (if we make it easy/quick) could be maximally ergonomic.
          • [[move]]

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