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podman run --rm -it fedora
podman run --rm -it debian

Drop you into a one-off bare VM, it gets automatically cleaned up when you exit.

podman build -t agora .

Builds an 'agora' container if there is a [[Dockerfile]] in the path. If you want to force a 'clean' build, pass --no-cache; I needed this in the [[Agora Dockerfile]] because I was using git clone and this was failing to pull in the latest revisions.

Then to run one interactively:

podman run -it agora

Or to run one detached (server like):

podman run -dt --name agora agora

Then you can:

podman attach agora

...to attach. CTRL-P CTRL-Q to detach gracefully.

This is what I left running in [[hypatia]] as of [[2022-05-27]], sufficient to serve an HTTP only Agora (I'd add [[nginx]] to do SSL + caching, like in [[thecla]]/prod):

podman run -p 80:5017 --name agora -dt agora

The above requires running this as root to open up port 80 to non privileged processes:

sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_unprivileged_port_start=80
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