Receiving webmentions on my digital garden

Would be fun to be able to receive comments/annotations to my digital garden via webmentions.

As it is a static site, I'll do it with and webmentions.js

OK, so uses web log-in.

Alrighty, I'll do that via relme auth.

First I'll need to add some rel=me links.

Ha, sweet, I didn't realise rel me login can work via email address!

That's so cool. OK, so I added

<link rel="me" href="" />

to my head section for

and then signed in at

Now I can add

to my head section.

ok, let's give it a spin!

sending a webmention

i can send webmentions from my existing indieweb blog at

I sent one:

β₯… [[sending_a_webmention/2022-03-04_18-10-09_screenshot.png]]

and it arrived!

β₯… [[sending_a_webmention/2022-03-04_18-09-34_screenshot.png]]

It doesn't work with my wikilink rewriting stuff. So I need to use the full URL (or fix the rewriting stuff) if I want to mention from my own site. Which wasn't really the point, but actually could be interesting…

displaying webmentions

ok so now i'll try displaying received webmentions with webmentions.js

I followed the instructions at

  • include script
  • add a div for webmentions
  • pop a teeny bit of styling in

β₯… [[displaying_webmentions/2022-03-04_18-20-27_screenshot.png]]

And it works!

That took about 40 minutes in total, super cool.

Needs some styling and tweaking and adding to all pages now. But that's pretty epic.

Some thoughts:

  • how do I moderate mentions
  • I wonder if you can self host
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