Sorry for being so quiet, some stuff has been going on both in "real life" and personal. Personal wise

  • I wanted to go all out [[Linux]], switched from [[manjaro]] to a clean install of [[arch]], messing with [[i3]] and [[awesomewm]], trying [[vim]] for the 3rd time this year.
  • I want to have some centralized config file repository
    • does it exist?
    • if it doesn't add that to the backlog (more on that later)
  • I have been fleshing out my website, I want full control of my online identity [[a domain, much more]].
  • similarly, I have gone all out in custom email, this has been great! I have many [[sieve]] rules, my favorite being that it sorts mailing lists into their own folders, and also sorts stuff like "" into its own folder.
  • it's still on my [[todo]] list to make my own garden focused static site generator, I have written a [[outline]] of it but one thing is still unclear, perhaps I will ask for feedback soon.
    • What's more (cc: [[Garden Representations]]), I have come to the conclusion that even a rss feed or a general blog like feed of posts (as opposed to the different pages that actually make up a blog) are also [[garden]]s
      • These are "stage two gardens", they come after the stage one gardens (the posts themselves) are made.
        • Theoretically, there can be unlimited stages of gardens
          • A stage three garden might be a RSS feed of the RSS feeds that make up
  • [[wikilinks everywhere]] I really want to finish. I really hate [[dom]] api's though! I miss well thought out programming languages (for instance, after setting innerhtml the variable becomes divorced and further changes don't do anything). I think I can finish it given time but more below.
  • So, what do I focus my time on? I have so many great projects, more ideas include
    • I have [[ADHD]], I learned this is a symptom
      • I have been aware of this for as long as I can remember
      • It frustrates me to death
      • Because I have so many ideas I have no idea what to focus on
      • They are all swirling around in my head
      • It's painful
      • Help
    • a [[coil]] clone running on real money that allows people to tip "fragements" ontop of the donations by usage from a set amount, say 5$ a month.
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