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Social Knowledge Graph

📖 stoa (open document) at doc.anagora.org/social-knowledge-graph
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Social Knowledge Graphs Discussion

  • Set up by [[dan whaley]] and [[jennifer rygh]].
  • About [[social knowledge graph]]s.
  • Agenda: search for 'social knowledge graphs discussion' in Drive (not linking for now).
    • [[same as]] question -- I've been struggling with this myself for some time now.
      • Perhaps my answer is that we should favour simplicity in the data structure/interface and try to solve it using the social aspect of distributed knowledge graphs; ranking/disambiguation information volunteered by users post facto.
      • Perhaps many lightweight "see also" pointers could mean "same as"?
    • [[link rot]]
      • Perhaps not as bad in an [[agora]] due to the fact that most links will be to nodes and not to subnodes?
  • [[andrei-ciortea]]
  • [[ward-cunningham]]
  • [[ivan herman]]
  • [[joel-gustafson]]
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