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Spotify – boasts 124 million subscribers, taking in USD$7.44 billion in revenue but paying artists just USD$4.37 per 1,000 streams.

– [[This is Fine: Optimism and Emergency in the Decentralised Network]]

Over the last 7 years, [[Spotify]] has earned me 4.3% of what [[Bandcamp]] has. Over the last 3 months it's 1.6%. Getting playlisted by the Spotify lords and heard by 50,000 people is worth as much as ~20 people deciding to pay a fiver for a release on Bandcamp.

[@datassette](https://twitter.com/datassette/status/1280417867679313920 ) [[Datassette]]

And… @spotify announces it's killing another open podcast, and turning it into proprietary Spotify audio that you can only listen to on Spotify's awful player. I was a huge supporter of @Gimletmedia and it's disappointing to see Spotify systematically lock up its podcasts.

– https://mobile.twitter.com/mmasnick/status/1456032413952446464

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