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There is a layer of governance infrastructure missing from the web



[2021-05-31 Mon]

Read [[Governing the Information Commons]]. Linking in [[Online Communities Are Still Catching Up to My Mother's Garden Club]].

[2021-05-17 Mon]

  • [[Flancian]] asks a good question on the social.coop tech channel - why does [[social.coop]] not use [[Mastodon]] to coordinate [[governance]]?
    • In my opinion because Mastodon is not very good for governance. It only has polls and even that is fairly new.
    • In fact I don't find Mastodon very good for even just conversation.
    • That said, having two/more platforms to coordinate things is definitely a huge piece of friction to involving a community in governance.
    • h's mockups from way back when, are interesting: https://social.coop/@h/1868600 https://social.coop/@h/1870490

[2021-05-09 Sun]

Listened to [[Nathan Schneider on Cooperatives and Digital Governance]].

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