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by documenting my belongings, i will either better appreciate them or learn to navigate their flaws.




grocy syncthing


mastodon signal matrix synapse


zsh ranger firefox neovim bspwm


arch linux testing debian buster


gemini org


mopidy mpv tt-rss newsboat



moleskine pentel orenz nero planck


nimslo 3D fuji xt3


bose qc35ii audioengine a2+


vultr vps xps 13 9370 galaxy s9


herbstluftwm fuji xt3

  • 23mm f2

  • 35mm f2

wireless nc earbuds teenage engineering op-1 topcoat better shoes slides ultrawide monitor nixos

focus on the things that you do, not the tools that you use to accomplish them.

better improvements often come with learning to use the tools you have better, rather than continuing to learn new tools and technologies.

📖 stoa (open document) at doc.anagora.org/tools
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