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Tour Bus Stop

Welcome! Thanks for alighting the tour bus here.

This stop

This is [[Neil's Digital Garden]]. Visit that page and you'll find much more info on some good entry points in to my garden.

In case you're interested: [[My personal wiki setup]].

Other stops

This bus stop is on the route Bus #200 - the Personal Wiki Tour.

Next stop - Melanocarpa.

Check out the full bus map.

Ding ding.


Bon voyage! - stop by again soon.

(if you need to get in touch - email me at neil at doubleloop dot net, or find me on Mastodon - @neil@social.coop.)

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img side { http://www.wikiservice.at/image/wikibus.gif } This is Melanocarpa bus stop, also known as Bouncepedia. This site is an online collection of links and descriptions of various things, maintained by [[u/bouncepaw]], also known as Timur Ismagilov on some wikis.

This wiki runs [[Mycorrhiza]] as its wiki engine. It is developed by me and I use it on multiple wikis.

Both Russian and English languages are used here, but English is used more.

The buses: table { ! Bus ! Tour ! Next stop | #200 | Personal Wiki Tour | [[pull" title="[[https://wiki.recursive.one/TourBusStop | Recursive Wiki]]" class="wikilink">Recursive Wiki]] }

=> http://meatballwiki.org/wiki/TourBusMap | Full bus map

Take your time!

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