Turbocharge Pattern Languages

To make existing pattern languages more accessible, useable and useful.

This is a [[Rel8 Project]].

[[Pattern Languages]] are community projects that make distilled wisdom more accessible. We are big fans of several existing Pattern Languages, including:

Pattern Languages don't get enough love β€” or use. Let's enhance their visibility, availability, connectivity and usefulness as much as we can.

To Turbocharge Pattern Languages, we might:

  • Weave existing Pattern Languages together, as appropriate
  • Make it easier to create and curate Pattern Languages
  • Get the word out about Pattern Languages
  • Start needed Pattern Languages, like maybe:
  • Program chatbots to navigate Pattern Languages and make great recommendations from them
  • "Instrument" them, where appropriate, which means turning text into code that makes applying patterns far easier (see [[Tile - 1-2-4-All Zoom App]])
    • Lather, rinse, repeat for more wise nuggets that are instrumentable

Here's a link to this nexus in [[Jerry's Brain]].

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πŸ›οΈ Stoas for [[turbocharge pattern languages]]
πŸ“– Open document (Hedgedoc) at https://doc.anagora.org/turbocharge-pattern-languages
πŸ“– Open document (Etherpad) at https://stoa.anagora.org/p/turbocharge-pattern-languages
πŸ“Ή Video conferencing space (Jitsi Meet) at https://meet.jit.si/turbocharge-pattern-languages