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The following would be ways to interact with Utopoi:

Oasis for energetic regeneration

The most basic function of the space for applied utopia is to be a place where one can go to simply "be" in a relaxing, gentle way. This might mean resting, meditating, conversing, day-dreaming, reading, being lazy, thinking, feeling. The role of the space is to radiate a harmonious, quiet energy, and serve as an oasis, away from the pressures and signals of society. An oasis in the geographic sense, and also one in terms of tempo, wave-lengths, states, and paradigms.

Cultural events

Utopoi hosts events which explore formats for culture with an emphasis on embodied experiencing, living-room vibes, knowledge-sharing, and transdisciplinary dialogue. This means such things as: listening sessions, reading raves, meditation, living-room lectures, ambient installations, performances, etc.

Group projects and workshops

Utopoi hosts participatory activities in the form of workshops and group projects. We believe that spaces influence the interactions that happen within them; we aim to create space for ways of working together that are utopically constructive, gently playful, aware, and explorative.

Node for utopic resources

Within the physical space there will be a small library, and online a digital garden. And perhaps other resources as well.

📖 stoa (open document) at doc.anagora.org/utopoi
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