Watson Knowledge Catalogue

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Watson Knowledge Catalogue

Watson Knowledge Catalogue is basically the storage solution with built-in indexing, typing, and security for Watson Studio. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on it.

From IBM:

Data professionals can't always easily find and access the data they need. Very often, they spend more than 80 percent of their time locating the right data which leaves just 20 ercent of their time left to use that data for analytics. 

Use case:

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog is a collaborative enterprise asset catalog that's designed to discover and catalog enormous volumes of complex data and analytic assets spread across multiple sources and provide advanced features for collaborative work with data that helps to fuel new AI based business growth.

To help combat the issue of working with large amounts of data that's spread out across the organization, Watson Knowledge Catalog can connect to a diverse set of data sources, on-premises or in the cloud, including RDBMS, NoSQL, file systems Hadoop, and more, 
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