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Weekly Reviews

  • https://todoist.com/productivity-methods/weekly-review
  • Part of [[GTD]].
    • Get clear
    • Get current
    • Get creative
  • One hour plan
    • 0-10 minutes: tidy workspace, file away notes, get all tasks into task management
    • 10-20 review completed tasks, calendar, notes and goals. Compare plan to what happened.
    • 20-35 review progress on top priorities. What needs to be updated?
    • 35-50 what are your most important tasks and events each day the following week?
    • 50-60 review your 'someday maybe' list. What things are you excited about? What new things do you want to learn?
  • Reflect: "I was derailed in my writing this week by several unexpected meetings. I'll speak to my manager about minimizing these occurrences so I can focus.”
  • Obvious time to do it is Friday afternoon. Doing it then lets you "clean up" and go into the weekend confident that you are in a good shape.
  • On Sunday evening, the work week looms large, and we already have Monday on our minds. You can channel that anxiety.
  • On Monday morning, you are refreshed; you can use it to ease into the week.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • [[David Allen]]: "the weekly review is the critical success factor for marrying your larger commitments to your day-to-day activities."
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