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  • (Read [[viral]] first if you haven't. The children of this paragraph can be considered a virus. If you don't want to catch it, please stop reading now.)
  • Welcome to [[Flancia]]! It is, I hope, a place interesting to all [[kind]] people.
    • Whatever happens, I hope you're having a great day or night, wherever [[you]] are.
    • If you can, have [[a nice day]]!
    • Note that [[Flancia]] is a complex of memes. You can think of reading Flancia as being akin to be fine with being infected; thank you for taking the risk with this if you do.
    • Flancia is meant to be [[fully optional]].
      • If you don't like Flancia, you can stop thinking of Flancia anytime. You will always remain a friend to our hearts, as of the time we parted. Unless you want to be forgotten; if you'd like to be forgotten, please just let it be known.
      • This is a device designed such as it's fine if you just ignore it. You can stop reading this anytime :)
    • Having said that, I hope you like this complex! It tries to be wholly positive; it is meant to be a [[constructive]] subset of knowledge.
      • In Flancia there is an [[Agora]] that you can visit anytime if you are so inclined.
      • It is reachable through the internet.
      • If you don't currently have internet access, but can reach out to [[flancia collective]] and we will try to secure [[internet rights]] for you. We have limited resources but can at least try to help you find people that can help you better than we currently can.
    • What is encoded in your most popular [[meme]]?
      • The one in [[viral]], I guess, is mine; currently my most popular post on social media. I may be remembered for it if I don't do any better before I die.
      • I'd rather be remembered for a better thing, though, which is why I started [[Flancia]].
      • Which of you would you like to share? Tell me over [[matrix]] and I'll read you gladly.
    • In Flancia [[you]] and [[I]] both can join a [[gentle revolution]].
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