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you can run a flancian in your laptop

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  • only in the sense of running a model of myself as I'm sitting in front of my computer.
  • essentially: I'll make memory states of my personal laptop open, and include models in different levels of abstraction.
    • git repositories with code and data I use
    • VMs
    • window manager state, including which programs I'm running and (pending program support) which content it's loaded in them
      • currently including browser tabs.
    • state at different levels can be restored optionally
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project snapshot

  • a [[project]]
    • to [[automate]] myself.
    • it currently consists in simple scripts that integrate available tooling to record digital snapshots of my computer's contents: the windows I had open, in which workspace, running what -- which browsers with which tabs, which editors with which opened notes.
    • [[go]] https://gitlab.com/flancian/bin
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    • Ha, I thought I had noded this long ago? That's weird.
    • Oh, interesting, it was as a [[pushed]] subnode so I didn't see it in [[foam]]. This surfaces the annoyance that foam is not [[agora protocol aware]]
    • (Well, the whole of [[agora protocol]] is meta really, but this second level I guess.)

The idea is to have a [[free software]] way for users, initially perhaps knowledge workers but with an intent for ever greater user friendliness and inclusivity, to be able to store and restore digital workspaces: contexts they were operating on when working on a particular task and that could be useful at a later time when attempting to resume working on the same task or one related.

I would like to support all OSes/distributions/device types but I started with what I use the most: [[gnu linux]]. I intend to do work towards integrating tools that help other interested users achieve this goal in whichever way they want. Partly for this purpose I'm developing the [[agora]]: to facilitate the exchange of [[gardens]], [[siphons]] and [[bridges]] and other useful [[tools]] and optionally integrate all contexts that users are willing to share with others sharing their intents.

Currently [[i3 resurrect]] does most of the heavy lifting, which says about the idiosyncrasy of the solution, but I am interested in adopting all useful general conventions. I take ample [[screenshots]] to annotate moments in time, and publish a subset of my photos and thoughts here in the [[agora]] or more concretely on [[github]] and [[gitlab]].

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