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  • A wikilink looks like this: [[wikilink]]. They are text surrounded by two square brackets.
  • Wikilinks come, wait for it, from [[wiki]]s :) But they need not be limited only to things we usually think of as wikis.
    • You could use [[wikilinks everywhere]].
    • You can think of the Agora as a sort of distributed wiki, although users in this particular kind of wiki volunteer individual contributions instead of editing common pages (for now).
  • Wikilinks are the heart of this [[agora]].
  • [[pull]] [[wikilinks]] [[wikilinks everywhere]]
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Wikilinks Everywhere


The plan is to get in at least two pomodoros in this to advance it somehow in the direction of a prototype. Will try to build on [[agora ext]].

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public document at stoa.anagora.org/p/wikilink