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Welcome to [[my]] digital [[Zettelkasten]], nicknamed [[This Zettelkasten]]. Its main purpose is to assist me with my research objective—[[evaluating and improving psychoanalysis’ scientificity and efficacy]]. Nonetheless, other related and unrelated subjects may also appear here.

An archetypical, analog Zettelkasten (there are other variations with slight or significative differences) is a collection of physical index cards in which one registers some kind of content. These cards usually are linked to each other by some sort of metadata: tags, direct references to other cards, Folgezettel, etc. In a sense, Zettelkästen are some of the many ancestors of [[hypertext]], and have been used since their inception by many different kinds of people, from scientists and philosophers to writers and artists.

In this Zettelkasten, every individual page is a [[card]], with a title and a numerical ID. Cards are connected to each other either through [[wikilinks]] naturally inserted into the card’s body, or through being referenced in a [[Trail]]—a sequence of related cards. [[Tags]] help organizing cards into broader categories and classes, and convey certain info about them (e.g. the #incomplete tag marks a card whose content I intend to develop more in the future).

Cards have classes, indicated by tags. This one is a [[Handbook]]—a card whose content serves to explain how this Zettelkasten works.


This Zettelkasten by Jayu Eleuthéria is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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