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Node [[2020-11-07]]
Subnode garden/flancian/journal/2020-11-07.md by @flancian


Trying out plan/reality today.


  • Picked up ocell. She was scared but chill. The people that brought her all the way to Brugg were very nice!
  • Worked on agora-plan.
    • Fixed dev/prod setup (somewhat, still plenty of improvements needed).
    • Updated README.
    • Thought about the best way to support other media.
    • Sent out call for participation: https://flancia.org/go/agora-join.
  • Spammed the Agora a bit :)


  • Book meeting with evanward97.
  • Pick up ocell.
  • Work on agora-plan. Perhaps in particular integrate one more garden onto the Agora.
  • Check out c2 more thoroughly again; interesting stuff related to the Agora keeps coming up.
  • Perhaps review ward cunningham's github, try some of the stuff in there.


Subnode garden/s5bug/journal/2020-11-07.md by @s5bug