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Node [[2020-12-14]]


12:20 stepping back from autopilot

after seeing a post from tiffany day this never really occured to me as something i can or should be interested in.

advice !

lol candy bad no need to question originality there's never any pressure to know all of the answers conclusions aren't the answer, sometimes it's the thought process itself that matters -- drawn back to the endless conversation about dsl for mtg game between dustin and i that never took off, but lead to a lot of valuable conversations about semantics

Pulled node [[aka]]


Pulled node [[push]]


  • An [[action]].
  • It 'means' that a certain context is relevant for the target node and should perhaps be included in it ([[transclusion]]):
  • Here's how you use it: you start a block with the [[push]] action, passing a target node as an argument. Then you attach as many sub blocks (indented list items) to the block; they will be included in the target as a subnode.
  • [[push]] [[agora twitter integration]]
    • Push probably has good interactions with other [[agora]] sources such as [[twitter]].
  • See also: [[pull]].

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