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  • looks like an Agora:
  • Applied. Got accepted!
  • [[Loomio]]:
  • [[Mastodon]]:
  • This is the email I got when I joined:
    • Thanks for your interest in joining; your application for membership has been approved!
    • To set up your account on the Mastodon, click this link. Once your account is set up, you’ll automatically be following the admin account. For your first toot, please write an introduction post that includes [[introduction]] and any other hashtags of things that interest you!
    • Then, if you have not already, **please set up your subscription payment on OpenCollective via **this link. The fee is sliding scale $1-10/month, and setting up payments on an annual rather than monthly cycle saves our co-op a bit in terms of transaction fees.
    • Our instance is democratically governed by its members, which now includes you! To be an effective co-operative, it's important that members participate in its governance by generally keeping informed on the goings on and strategic direction of To take part, please request to join the members Loomio group** via this link. Note: **when you register on Loomio, please include your Social.Coop username so we can recognize your as a member.
    • You’re getting this email from me because I’m the member of the Community Working Group Operations Team who is on-call this week. Feel free to follow up if you have any issues; my handle on the instance is @Matt_Noyes.