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Welcome to Flancia!

I always assumed that, when people dedicated books and things, they all first finished the thing and then wrote the dedication. That would mean dedicating the (say) book as a finished object, something concrete that one has created or built and can offer without reservations.

Belatedly I've come to realize I'm not that kind of person, or perhaps I just don't get to live that kind of life; so I find myself dedicating a draft instead. Whatever this thing is, containing these lines you're currently reading.

Writing these lines now means dedicating a set of ideas first, and an implementation second; the latter being maybe just an aspiration. It seems only appropriate, then, to dedicate a set of ideas to a set instead of individuals.

To my friends!

May be you happy.

Flancia is a work of speculative fiction and associated practice in the space of protopian thinking. It is by its very nature an eternal draft. Please excuse the many mistakes.

Things may get weirder before they get better :)

Feel free to play hopscotch!

0 -- [Meta](/meta), or About Us.

1 -- Manifesto, or Flancia!.

2 -- In Flancia there is an Agora.

3 -- In Flancia there is no poverty.

4 -- In Flancia there is no privilege.

5 -- In Flancia we will meet.

6 -- In Flancia we share clear goals.

7 -- In Flancia there are no walled gardens, or Building Bridges.

8 -- In Flancia there are many commons, or an Open Letter to an Open Society.

M -- [(The mine)](/mine)

K -- (Projects)

L -- (An Agora)

In my flancia, there is no hunger or houselessness. What is in your flancia?

In flancia, there is also an [[agora]]

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