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I got a new 32gb ram module for my laptop. It turned out that I was shipped a 8gb model plus 8gb expansion instead of a 16gb (soldered mem) model, so now I have 40gb of ram. I'll complain to the vendor as now I have 8gb of ram I have no use for, but I'm happy with the upgrade.

We went to [[bern]] today to see [[d. d.]]. We met [[greg]]. It was a great day out.


  • I created a [[CTZN]] account, I am neil@ctzn.one. I like many things about [[Hypercore Protocol]] so interested to see how this works. I am guessing it has more of a P2P model, similar to the Beaker chat, with the servers acting as 'pubs'. That said, the idea of another chat silo doesn't fill me with joy, so I wonder where the data is stored. I still think the [[IndieWeb]] (or [[Solid]]) approach is the best philosophy (for me personally).

  • Reading up a bit more on [[speculative outline]]s from [[Andy Matuschak]] - here. I like this idea that every time you write a new evergreen note, you add it to a speculative outline and let them grow organically. On that point, I prefer [[Ton]]'s nomenclature - notes, [[notion]]s and [[emergent outline]]s.

  • I currently make far more notes than notions. But this pipeline makes it clearer in my head about how notes become notions become outlines. So I feel now I can see why I want to make more concerted effort to make notions.

  • A useful note for me from [[Andy Matuschak]] on this - How to process reading annotations into evergreen notes. I have plenty of reading annotations. It's about processing them into notions. Let's look at a recent one.

    • I think while I'm looking at a topic that is new to me, my notions might often be questions. This is fine:

    Questions also make good note titles because that position creates pressure to make the question get to the core of the matter. [โ€ฆ] The goal [โ€ฆ] is to eventually drop the question mark, refactoring it into declarative/imperative notes.

    โ€“ Prefer note titles with complete phrases to sharpen claims

  • [[Vanguard stack]]s.


  • The initial bourgeoisie of the United States is essentially an aristocracy
  • The initial American revolutionaries were reluctant to oppose the crown, and the anti-monarchists were defated
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