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[2021-02-27 Sat 11:34]

Looking to get back in to a bit of [[plain-text accounting]], but not sure whether to use ledger, hledger, or beancount.

via @kemitchell’s blog, Jerome Saltzer’s “The Origin of the [[MIT License]]” in the IEEE Annals of Computer History. PDF

Catching up on @kemitchell’s Artless Devices forum where he linked to duallicensing.com. Yup, that’s a pretty fantastic resource for [[dual licensing]].

Chatting with @flancian who was wondering if he should support the [[Simply Jekyll]] margin note syntax in [[Anagora]].

Specifically “what do you call this freak of nature???” when he saw the markup 😅

I’ll do a search and replace at some point to convert everything to [[Littlefoot]] which is probably worth a write up [[TO DO]] [[Implementing Littlefoot for footnotes]].

The install was completed right at the end of my birthday.

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